Paint Your Gun - (Just for Fun)

The economy sucks and most of us can't afford to buy a new gun.  With some ingenuity and patience, you can turn that boring old black rifle into something a little more new and exciting.  We can't promise this project will make you shoot straighter, but it will help take your mind off the collapsing economy and a tyrannical government that would throw you in jail for speaking your mind.

In the video below, TRW walks you through his experience in painting an AR-15 in a complex pattern.  It took some time, but with some patience and determination, you'll get your gun looking sweet.  Here is the list of things we used on this project:
  • A gun to paint :)
  • Spray paint (item numbers may vary):
    • Krylon Ultra Flat - White 8144
    • Krylon Ultra Flat - Khaki 4291
    • Krylon Ultra Flat - Olive 4293
    • Krylon Ultra Flat - Dark Grey 8146
    • Krylon Ultra Flat - Brown 4292
    • Krylon Ultra Flat - Black 4290
    • Krylon Ultra Flat - Clear Acrylic 1303
  • Painter's tape
  • Wax paper
  • Exacto knife
  • Old cutting board
  • Camouflage pattern reference (computer screen, cammo pants, etc)
  • Expedient paracord clothes line
  • Wire hanger pieces to hang your gun parts
  • Lung and eye protection and a ventilated area
  • Lots of patience
Here is the companion video to this article:

Here is how it came out (for those of you with poor bandwidth for videos):

Gun prior to clear coat treatment

All together

My favorite part of the gun's paint scheme

Highly jury rigged modified Omega Rail (cut out a piece to fit the front sight)

Much love to the now defunct, Calvary Arms, and much disdain to the BATFE
Please comment and share.  Keep your projects happening and your powder dry!