Becker BK2 Companion Knife: "Enhanced Interrogation"

There are literally thousands of choices when considering a fixed blade knife.  We at Survival Think Tank are knife nuts, and love our high end blades for sure, but we also respect a quality knife at a great value.

In the novel, Tunnel in the Sky (Heinlein), we are bombarded with the importance of a fixed blade knife in a survival situation.  Once you read this book, you'll never get too far from yours.  As a gift for your son or daughter, we would recommend purchasing them a copy of this novel and shortly after, a good fixed blade knife.

Enter the Becker BK2 Companion blade:

At $64.99 USD from Amazon, this knife was priced right, but was the quality up to par for the price?  If you've seen the video, you already know.

Chopping:  A good chopper, but a little short for thicker wood.  When chopping for extended periods of time (without gloves), the knife remained comfortable in the hand, which is huge.  Some of us own 300 dollar knives that blister hands doing what we did with the Becker BK2.

Handle: The handle is made from a synthetic material called grivory, but it felt and looked like Nylon-6 Glock composite material.  The handle proved to be indestructible, as we threw it into dozens of trees (missing sometimes and hitting sandstone rocks), batoned it with wood logs and were generally rough with it.  The handle was tough, and comfortable.

Blade Durability: You've got to see the video to believe it.  We stabbed metal, chopped hardwood, threw the knife, hitting rocks and the knife performed well.

After watching the "Enhanced Interrogation" video, pick yours up here.

Pros: Awesome, American made knife for the price.
Cons: Sheath is made in Taiwan.  It's good quality, but you'll want to pick up something like this Spec-Ops sheath for serious carry.