Shaving on the Cheap

TheRoadWarri0r's Shaving Kit
Many of us are required to shave daily because of our jobs or possibly because we are looking for a job and want to look as sharp as we can.  In this knowledge base article, we're going to present some information that can save you BIG money in the medium and long term.

Times are a little tough for most of us regular people and many of us find ourselves pinching pennies.  How many of you out there use the latest four bladed "Mach-Fusion" gimmick razors that cost about $4 to $5 each?

It slices, it dices (your face) and even cooks breakfast!
And the combat model.
There is a much better option out there for you!

What you'll need to get started.
Check out this video where TheRoadWarri0r breaks down the advantages and of double edged (DE) razor wet shaving.

Note:  This article applies to women as well.  Most women want to save money and have men in your lives that shave.  There are even women that use the double edged (DE) safety razor on their legs and enjoy the results of a good smooth shave.

Another fine YouTube channel that discusses DE wet shaving that we recommend: Mantic59
And of particular use to the beginning shaver:

And this video as well:

Happy Survival Shaving!



  1. Shaving can be a hassle at times. I used to shave in panic mode when summer was near. After a laser hair removal from my Derma, no need to shave for bikini lines.

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