Nothing Like a Good Battle Rifle

Many people out there preparing for hard times rely on their trusty M-4 carbine to get them through.  At STT, we say, "nothing wrong with that," but we also like to display other defensive options for those that have the hard earned resources to acquire them.

We've shot multiple 7.62 sniper platforms but we keep going back to the Larue Tactical OBR.  For the money, it's tough to beat.  Yes, it's expensive with the base model coming in just under $3,000 USD, but it's competitors will cost you even more but we're not sure more gun comes with the higher price tag of LaRue's competitors.

All the "brochure-int" you wanted to know about the gun as far as specs are concerned are here:

We used Hornady match grade ammunition from for our evaluations.  Check them out, they have a wide selection of ammunition at competitive prices.

Some of the wave top points to be made about the 7.62 (.308 depending on your background) OBR are that it is obviously a more powerful round that your M-4s 5.56 (.223 depending on your background).   The M-4 carbine is really designed to be a 200 meter gun, but with the LaRue Tactical OBR, coupled with some training, you could be hitting steel hard at 800 meters and beyond.  The OBR isn't just a sniper rifle.  If you opt for a shorter barrel (we like the 18) and collapsible stock and 1-4x optic, you could very effectively use the rifle for short range work as well.

Warning:  This isn't an M-4, it's heavy.   Be ready.

We at STT highly recommend you round out your firearms collection with a battle rifle.  Which one is up to you.  We obviously recommend LaRue Tactical.

Stack it Deep!


  1. I am not very obsessed in collecting several guns and ammunition. I'm already contented with my pistol, but this M-4 carbine certainly looks good.

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