Spreading the Word or Just Getting Started

By nature survivalists and patriots sometimes remain confined to their inner circle of trusted friends and family.  This can be a good thing but can also limit you to a smaller pool of information and skills.  In this video, I talk about sharing information with your neighbor to strengthen your survival probability in the event of US economic collapse or other calamities like earthquakes or hurricanes.

Do you have a YouTube video that you enjoy or another source of alternative news that you prefer?  Why not share it with the Survival Think Tank.  We'll post your suggestion (after checking it out) in the 'Essential URL' section to the right.

Watch the video below and then send your YouTube channel/news source recommendations to contact"AT"survivalthinktank.com.  We'll check it out and report on it in the next video.

If you are interested in purchasing the books mentioned in the video, please feel free to do so at the following: Survival Think Tank Bookstore (full disclosure: all purchases directly fund future content).


  1. check this site out for radiation in your area relating to Japan Crisis.


  2. You have helped me so much! I'm also watching the signs for what is inevitable to happen. I recently started storing food and water but I'm limited to space. Your help in learning how to do this is priceless. Any advice about how to tell my Family and Friends? They think I've lost it.....

  3. I found your site not too long ago and am going back through all of the back articles. Nicely done and great information.

  4. Can anyone pick out for me the best product among those listed on this site?
    Best Watch for The Survivalist