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Survival Think Tank would like to thank everyone that responded via YouTube comments and e-mail to our Survivalists Unite video.  As discussed, below is a breakdown of responses including YouTube comment recommendations followed by recommendations sent via STT e-mail.  Please feel free to share this article link with everyone and even start your own website/blog spreading the word about good sources of survival and economic information!  This is a zero sum game with no rewards in keeping information to yourself.

Warning:  The below sites and channels are YouTube community derived and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Survival Think Tank staff.

Recommended Via YouTube Comments

Sites: (multiple recommendations)

YouTube Channels: (multiple recommendations) (multiple recommendations) (multiple recommendations) (multiple recommendations)

Recommended Via Email


YouTube Channels:

In closing, it is essential for all of us to share and discuss our news sources so that we are all getting the right information at the right time.  Together, we can turn potential looters into possible assets by waking them up before a collapse scenario.  Please feel free to comment below this article on any sources you feel are worth monitoring.

Good luck out there and, stack it deep!


  1. Tremendous resource! Thank you for compiling this and making it available!

  2. has an excellent forum for alot of different information going way beyond the AR. Check out the outdoors section in particular. A wealth of survival info. Cheers, BearJace

  3. Just so you know I think the sootch link is wrong. I click on it and it brings me to a useless 'comedy' channel. I'd imagine the recommendation was actually for sootch00 on youtube.

  4. Frazer--thanks, fixed the link. Should work now.

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