Easy Food Storage RIGHT NOW!

With more civil unrest in Africa and the Middle East on the horizon, you can bet that energy prices will be severely affected.  Oil is hovering around $100 per barrel as of the time of this writing and will likely be on an upward trajectory in the weeks to come.  You might ask, "What does the price of oil have to do with my food bill?"  Stop reading this and take a look around.  Ask yourself, how many of the things I own (including food) were delivered on a truck?  The answer is likely over ninety percent.  The price of fuel will drastically effect the price of your food and anything else you own that was brought to you by fossil fuels.

Take steps now to abate the ripple effect of worldwide civil unrest and dollar inflation by storing food for the future.  At STT we are taking the current socio-economic worldwide situation very seriously and are planning for the worst (but hoping for the best).

Recently we purchased food grade buckets and lids from Freckleface.com as well as Mylar bags from Amazon.com.

Watch the video below to see what we did with them.

Stack it deep!


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