Pentagon Readies for U.S. Economic Meltdown?

Is the Pentagon sending a warning signal?  Is the chance of economic meltdown in the U.S. so high that the Pentagon needs to spend your tax dollars to war game the issue?  The Pentagon plans for "real economic threats to America" says the CNBC talking head.

The Pentagon is concerned about the following scenarios according to CNBC:
  • Use of sovereign wealth to manipulate markets and currencies
  • Nation state economic collapse
  • Sovereign default
  • Nation state instability
  • U.S. allies budget deficit and national security infrastructure shortfalls
The news clip goes on to talk about an Army war game dubbed as Unified Quest 2011. The Survival Think Tank (STT) is not clear why the Army would choose to call this war game something so positive as Unified Quest considering the stakes involved in the so called game:
  • Large scale economic breakdown inside the United States that would force the Army to keep domestic order among civil unrest
  • Fragmented global power (STT assesses they could mean fragmented U.S. global power)
  • Drastically low budgets
Large scale economic breakdown?  U.S. Army keeping domestic order among civil unrest situations?

STT assessment: The Posse Comitatus Act (Wikipedia link provided) is very clear on the issue of U.S. troops being used domestically and if this horrible scenario is ever realized in the future, it could have far reaching implications to our Constitutional rights.  The STT calculates that only a very small fraction of active duty members of the uniformed services might follow orders that could potentially harm civilians or infringe on their Constitutional rights.  STT readers should take warning of this Pentagon war game and its timing.  This is a clear sign [to the STT] that our leadership and those charged with national defense are seeing the economic threats to the United States as a clear and present danger to our national security.

The news piece goes on to mention that representatives from the U.S. Marine Corps war college had visited financial institutions like the trading floor of J.P. Morgan to study markets.

STT assesses that the reason military personnel are learning about economic warfare is to cage how quickly the economy might fall apart and start a nationwide crisis in the event of a U.S. economic meltdown scenario.

In closing, we strongly advise you to continue to prepare for a long winter of discontent as the unemployment hovers in the nines and the Eurozone loses cohesion.  As Congressman Ron Paul often says, "No one knows when the confidence in the dollar will be lost, but it can come quickly."  We agree Congressman and we're preparing.  We just hope all of you out there are doing the same.


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  2. Does anyone in the D.O.D. read the constitution?
    It is not legal to post military forces to take up a role of civilian police. This is getting too much!!!

  3. Obama has been preparing for a melt down since 2009 when he ordered the head of USNORTHCOM to stage 1 million troops inside the US while still continuing wars abroad. I have a link to the article at article titled part 1 of 2: Surviving martial law.

  4. The scary fact is that all of the Executive Orders are in place already. I took an oath several years ago. I pledged to defend the constitution, not executive orders. They suspend the constitution. That means the only law becomes the law of nature. The prepared will endure while the weak shall parish. I hope the men and women in government service are smart enough to "enforce the law", not follow unconstitutional orders. I hope the knock on my door never comes. I have a duty to protect my loved ones from any threat to their safety or survival. I will not be a sheep in FEMA's piss poor plans.

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