EOTAC Operator Grade Pants, Style 201 - Review

Core members of the Survival Think Tank (STT) have taken a bit of firearms training both for active duty military applications as well as courses available to civilians.  We also have operational experience operating in country as veterans of OIF and OEF for various other government agencies and military units.  We are always on the lookout for quality gear, be it M-4 carbine parts and accessories or even wool socks.

We've been seeing a lot of EOTAC gear worn by firearms industry professionals as well as military operators in the field.  For this article, the STT reviews the EOTAC Operator Grade Pants, style 201.
Here are some of the things that we noticed during testing:
  • The seven ounce 100% cotton ripstop is a good balance between durability and comfort. 
  • A metal tack-button closure along with a concealed YKK brass zipper also provides lasting endurance and a strong long lasting closure with very little chance of failure.
  • Extra deep pockets for weapon concealment.
  • The additional two wallet/ID pockets in the back keep the deep pockets available for extra magazines or even an ASP Baton back there just fine.
  • They are preshrunk and washed which is huge for me as I know they will always fit - I have a huge problem with the length of pants, they fit great when I first buy them then they shrink and no longer fit! These pants should fit perfectly year after year. 
  • They have a DuPont Teflon coating which means they will look great after many trips to the field.
  • The gusseted crotch prevents blowouts in the field which we have had problems with in the past (mine especially with the nylon 5.11 tactical pants).
  • The belt loops are large enough for most pistol belts (1.75")
  • The magazine pockets on the leg are an awesome addition (see video).
  • The elastic waist allows for the flexibility of using an IWB holster comfortably. 
  • They have a nice taper, they fit over the boots perfectly while allowing enough slack to be baggy enough to help with unexpected snakes! :)
  • The double layer knees along with the free kneepads are a plus for endurance and comfort.  Really handy when taking a firearms class or other training.
  • It's aesthetic more than functional but I really like the Vietnam era jungle style slanted cargo pockets and the drawstrings in the cargo pocket make it easy to secure your gear! 
A couple negatives to mention: The pants are nearly $70 dollars retail and made in China.  I can forgive this as they are top quality with double stitching in many places.  If these pants were made in the U.S., they'd cost $150 bucks.  If you are active duty military, contact EOTAC for a discount code and they'll give you a pretty darn good discount.

Here is the video review of the pants.  We didn't just throw them on a table to talk about them, we actually wore them every day and used theme in environments that the typical guy might use them.  You don't need to be a special operator to enjoy the benefits of quality pants like these.

Note:  We have contacted Eotac requesting a discount code for STT readers and YouTube subscribers of Theroadwarri0r channel and are awaiting a response.

Where to buy: EOTAC Operator Grade Pants, Style 201

Full Disclosure: STT is not as of this writing affiliated with EOTAC and did not receive free merchandise for review.  We bought the clothing with STT funds without notifying EOTAC that the garments would be reviewed by the STT.  STT did not receive compensation from EOTAC for this review or video.

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