On The Ground Inflation Report - Ammunition

Real, on the ground intelligence suggests that ammunition prices are rising.  Survival Think Tank (STT) has been analyzing the cost of ammunition from the worlds largest discount store over the past year.  Here was the cost for Federal 115 grain ammunition in October of 2009:

$9.47 per 50 round box of Federal 9mm ammo
Fast forward to today (10/10/2010) and we see a more "inflated" picture:
Same store and store #, same product, 10%+ inflated price!
Look out folks.  Although this is only one on-the-ground indicator of inflation, STT assesses that many more will follow and have a huge impact on your pocket book.  STT recommends a multi-faceted approach to thwart absurd U.S. economic policies, policies that by design will destroy your net worth.
  • Purchase Tangibles - food, water (water filtration), survival equipment (portable generator, medical, etc), firearms, ammunition, barter items (soap, matches, candles, spirits, cheap fixed blade knives, nails, gasoline, tools, etc., etc.)
  • Open up a Foreign Bank Account - There is not enough money in FDIC coffers to cover the possible coming bank runs.  STT likes Royal Bank of Canada (Canadian branch, not U.S.).  There are other options but RBC is convenient as you can actually drive to your money in a car instead of needing to take a boat to the Cayman Islands to get your cash.  STT only keeps discretionary and monthly spending money in U.S. Dollars.  All other moneys go into the other areas in this list.  RBC will supply you with a debit card so that you may access your Canadian account conveniently from the United States with your memorized bank pin number.
  • Buy Gold & Silver on the Dips - (told you so moment) TheRoadWarri0r Channel recommended 18 months ago that subscribers purchase gold and silver--back when silver was virtually half the cost it is today and gold was sub $1,000.  STT still recommends you acquire gold and silver but watch for any dips that may occur in gold's rise to $2,000 and possibly beyond.
  • Get Rid of Things You Don't Need - Ebay, Craigslist, etc.  Buy, sell or trade frivolous suburbanite items you have no use for and use that money for tangibles with real worth.  Items that are good candidates to sell, trade or donate: Clothes you have not worn in one year or more, appliances you have not used in one year or more, extra vehicles with no survival application, extra furniture, made in China trinkets and anything else you wish you had never purchased.  The time to hoard worthless slave labor Chinese crap is...never.
Here is the video associated with this Survival Think Tank article:


  1. Good post RW - I see inflation hitting in the grocery store where I do most of the shopping.

    I stock up on food of course, but also many household items that are used daily - such as dishwashing liquid, shampoo, deoderant, toothpaste, etc.


  2. I never knew that walmart sell fixed blade knives. On second thought, I saw gerber knives utility knives in their hardware section.

  3. This is one great topic about inflation. By the way, it's sad to think that almost all of the products in the market are being affected by the inflation. Among these are the fixed blade knives and other necessities. I love collecting knives like buck knives, and I hope that they will not be affected by this issue.

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