(Sub) Urban Hunter - Claiming Your Mark!

Have you ever thought about how you would feed yourself from indigenous and local food supplies?  Gardens are a great idea and have their place but instant food they are not.  It can take weeks to cultivate a garden that will supply you with real hard calories needed to survive.

I challenge you to take a walk around your urban area and see if you can find and track game.  In the video included in this STT article, I was able to find, fix and prosecute a number of animals that could sustain me for weeks if prepared properly.

According to readily available references, 40-45% of a deer's weight is edible.  Claiming a 250 pound mark (deer) as a baseline (many are much larger) an amateur hunter could probably get 100 pounds of meat from his or her kill.  Venison is lower in fat so it is around 30 calories per ounce.   This equates to 48,000 calories.  This is enough to keep you alive for well over a month if you prepare and preserve your game properly.  The book displayed in the video below is the SAS survival guide.  STT recommends you get a copy here.  Although not all inclusive (no survival guide is) it will provide you with a wealth of survival information to include some game preparation techniques.

Squirrel (Suburban Rat) - On average these things weigh about one pound and only about 45% of the creature is edible.  At about 31 calories per ounce, you are looking at maybe 500 calories (one meal).

Here are some shots of the game that simulated kills were deemed successful:

Nice Buck and Company
500 calories!  Worth it?  Sure!
Now without further delay, STT presents:  Urban Hunter

The Anatomy of Collapse

As we approach the 4th quarter of 2010 many are apprehensive about what could be in store for us as we enter 2011.  Will we see a recovery?  Will we see another great depression?  There is no shortage of people predicting both sides of the coin.

Like Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute, the Survival Think Tank (STT) are political atheists.  We hold no allegiance to any political party and we think for ourselves.  The STT assesses that although a socio-economic collapse may not be guaranteed, we are edging closer to cataclysm as the calendar flips forward.

We also feel that our guesstimate is as good as anyone else and may actually be better than Federal Reserve Chairman, "Helicopter" Ben Bernanke's according to his track record (he never saw the current crisis coming).  The below is a mind map that indicates the rough and possible anatomy of a collapse (click to enlarge).

The Anatomy of a Collapse (click to enlarge)
One thing is for certain.  We have not seen the end of big government bailouts or market volatility.  The STT recommends you get out of the market and secure your assets in tangibles to include gold.

Stack it deep!