The Road Warrior Index Update

In this article we would like to discuss the Roadwarri0r Index (RWI) used on our YouTube channel. The RWI has long been based on multiple data points and trends that effect our economic future. Two of these data points that we would like to address today are the market numbers (DOW and others) as well as the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) U3 unemployment numbers. The DOW and other market numbers change by the second on trading days as most of you know. The U3 is updated officially monthly (with smaller unofficial projections in between). Over the past months of analyzing the DOW and the BLS numbers we have recognized anomalies that make us question the viability of the data. The folks over at are doing a great job in reporting information on the true unemployment situation in the United States, but even their venerable data is based on numbers controlled by the bureaucracy...the Matrix if you will.

Here at the Think Tank, we have no choice but to drop these data points from influencing the RWI. They are deemed unreliable and misleading. The market is being manipulated on a worldwide scale (Google JP Morgan and silver manipulation for starters) and the BLS numbers are what we consider at Survival Think Tank...well, a joke. These metrics are hereby stricken from the RWI calculations until further notice.

Stack it deep!


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