Many Believe a "Road Warrior" Depression Imminent!

In a poll recently taken at Prison Planet, nearly 60% of participants believe we are headed in the direction of a Road Warrior depression.  How long have we been saying this at Survival Think Tank?  Misleading or downright false unemployment data comes out of the Ministry of  Information, a.k.a., the Bureau of Labor and Statistics every month.  The DOW and other market numbers fluctuate so often and so severely lately that it's a wonder people are investing at all.  Housing and commercial real estate sectors are crumbling.  How long before we see motorcycles and red mohawks in the streets?  We don't know for sure but what we do know is that we are moving in the direction of a Road Warrior Depression and not away from it.

In recent interviews with Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute we see that he is calling for gold to climb to the $2,000 per ounce (currently ~$1192 per oz) levels.  Some predict even higher.  When Celente talks, we tend to lend an ear here at the Think Tank.  He's been right more often than wrong on some key trends.  If you don't believe us, do some Googling and YouTube surfing (do your own research).

The Survival Think Tank (STT) is working on a project to bust the barriers of information flow among those that want to stay out of the Matrix.  One of our future projects will be a call to all STT/Roadwarri0r subscribers to participate in information source sharing and publish sources for everyone to utilize here at the STT.  Ever get the feeling that you may be missing key information because you just don't know the sources that others may be utilizing?

We do to!  Expect a video in the future calling all of you to participate by sharing your online and public information sources.  There are likely hundreds of sites that you don't know about and we are about to get this information out in the open.

Stack it deep.



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