We Are Hemorrhaging Jobs In The U.S. - The Fallout Will Be Catastrophic

It's the same story all around the United States.  Everyone knows it.  It's an open secret.  We are losing jobs at an alarming rate and we are falling into a major economic depression.  The Bureau of Labor and Statistics, AKA the Ministry of Information is constantly readjusting, manipulating and recalibrating their numbers to lessen the perception of the real situation on the ground in America.  I spotted the above posting while exploring the area and snapped a shot with my camera phone.  People are out of work and getting desperate.  I applaud those that take whatever work they can get to survive.  I hope that whoever posted this banner makes it in this looming economic crisis.

Folks need to be innovative to survive and thrive.  What happens when the homeowners don't have the money to pay those that would shovel their driveway?  With unemployment benefits running out for many, we will see crime surge in the coming months and into 2011.  Be armed.  If you are in a state that does not allow this, move away.  Don't pay state taxes to a state that restricts your Constitutional Rights to keep and bear arms.  Why feed the oppression?

STT Indications and Warnings (I&W): The Survival Think Tank assesses that the unemployment rate will soar above the current 10.0% U3 depression benchmark into 2011.  This sustained high unemployment rate will have 2nd and 3rd order effects on statistics like crime rates, foreclosures, city infrastructure (services), increased taxes, predatory collection of taxes by IRS and state tax collectors and a number of other effects.  You may already see these signs in your area.

Photos like the one included in this intelligence report can also be seen on the right side of the web page (scroll around).  The Survival Think Tank will be posting micro blog intel updates to give the reader a ground truth idea of what's really going on.  Using technologies like TwitPic I am able to post photos to this website in near-realtime from the moment I observe them in the field.

If I run across a relevant shot, I'll micro blog intel update (MBIU) them to this website for your benefit.  Please feel free to comment or post.  Visit often as I'll be sending burst transmissions whenever possible.

We will also post photos of survival related activities, i.e. shooting, et al.

Stack it Deep!



  1. Thanks for the update. I'm stacking everything I can as deep as I can.

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