Beat the Horde!

Here in the Washington DC area we are currently getting slammed by a pretty hefty snow storm.  The weather reports are calling for 20-30 inches of snow which is unprecedented for this area.  The time to stock essential stores is not the day before the snow.  In the video below, I'll show you why.  The stores can be picked bare in a matter of short hours.

Imagine if we were facing an economic collapse or a terrorist attack on our infrastructure?  This is only a snow storm and it has rocked the area, rendering the local governments and people prisoners inside their homes and offices.  Do you have enough food, water and the means to make your shelter warm if you lose power for days or weeks?  This is a real possibility.  The power is on right now, however it has been flickering.  Don't wait on the government to help you.  Be ready for adverse weather and other potential problems by preparing now.  Follow me below as I make a trip to a local area Safeway grocery store:


  1. April the fiscal quarter ends. You cannot hide the truth anymore. The true unemployement rate will have to be shown to the USA. No more propergander, China will not keep loaning money. The interest rate will go up, or we will go into depression. The doolar will go to at least 65cts. Wallstreet will warn our administration not to borrow anymore money. If we borrow more money the dollar will go to 55cts.. If China loans anymore money to us we are doomed. They will make the real decisssion for us and we will not have any more control at all. We would have (Effectively sold the USA to them) tranfered the USA land deed to China.

  2. When I was orginally watching this video my power went out. My power was out for 41 hours. Total snow for Pittsburgh was 21" and we are suposed to get 4"-8" tomorrow.

  3. Andrew, hope you pulled through ok! Good luck for the next snow coming tomorrow. I'll be enduring it also. Prepared.