Survival Think Tank Sees Increasing Tent City Growth Nationwide

The economic depression may not have hit you at the time that you read this.  This does not mean that it has not hit others severely.  Survival Think Tank assesses that many Americans are only three paychecks away from foreclosure.  Foreclosure eventually leads to living on the streets if an income stream is not re-established.  Let your mind wonder for a brief moment.  Right now you are likely sitting in a chair, fixated on a $1,000 computer.  Your feet are on the warm carpet and you are wearing clean clothes.  Likely you are clean as you have running water, soap and a shower.

It may be raining and cold outside but you have central heat, or a wood stove to keep the temperature in your home higher than the winter temperature outside and a roof over your head to keep the elements at bay...

...Imagine for a moment that you no longer have these comforts.

You are on the streets, living under overpasses or in abandoned foreclosed homes.  Eventually your path brings you to the tent city.

Special thanks to WorldBankofAmero for producing this video so that all of us can have a peek into the underground world of those that have lost nearly everything:


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