Securing Your Bug-out Bag (In the Vehicle or On The Run)

If you do any traveling or adventuring you have heard the stories.  Packs sliced open, contents stolen.  Bag taken while the owner sleeps or while the owner is in the hostel or hotel room shower.  Can you imagine a worse time to lose your belongings?  I can.  How about losing your belongings during or just before a serious survival situation?

In a previous video on TheRoadWarri0r YouTube channel, I talked about reorganizing your bug-out bag.  I also mentioned producing a video on ways to secure your bug-out bag.  Your bug-out bag could range anywhere from a $200 investment to a $2,000 plus investment depending on what you store inside.  You wouldn't leave $200 in your vehicle unsecured would you?  I know I wouldn't.  Security of your bug-out bag inside your vehicle should be a high priority for you if you store it there.

Another need for security: When you are on the run and actually bugging out.  You may find it necessary to temporary cache your bag away while you scout ahead.  Or you may find yourself in your retreat cabin/location in the woods and needing to secure your belongings while out hunting or gathering water.  There are many ways to do this.  One may consider a chain or a small cable lock.  This might work for some applications but if a would-be-thief wished, he or she would just pull out a knife and cut the strap and take your bag for pilfering later.

A year or so ago I found myself backpacking around Australia from hotel to hostel to hotel.  I can't tell you how many stories of woe I heard from fellow travelers on how they "just left their pack for a moment" and it was gone!  Knowing what to expect on my trip across Australia, I did some serious research on pack anti-theft.  After a week or so of looking around I came across the Pac-Safe bag exomesh system.  While no anti-theft gadget is foolproof, the Pac-Safe exomesh has kept and continues to keep my gear safe(er) from theft during my travels both local and international.
Urban Survival: My Arc'teryx pack safely secured to my hotel toilet in Brisbane, Australia

In the video below I display the Pac-Safe security mesh system and go over a few applications where it might prove useful in slowing down a would-be-thief.  Don't only rely on your car security alarm or your locked doors!  Any idiot with a hammer can and will take your bug-out bag, unless...

Stack it Deep!


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