Five Minute Bug-out

You have seen the Survival Think Tank videos on bug-out bags and organization, but what if you only have 5 minutes to gather essentials and get out?  I recently put myself through this scenario and learned a little about prioritization and forgetfulness.

Just imagine for a moment that a major terrorist attack or natural disaster has disrupted our infrastructure. No power, no water, rioting and looting in the streets.  Home invasions are being reported everywhere...

What is your plan?

Here is the major list of components that I grabbed in the 5 minute time limit:
  1. Camelbak MotherLode Pack
  2. NorthFace Cat's Meow 20F Sleeping Bag
  3. Therm-a-rest ProLite Mattress
  4. JetBoil Cooking System (Highly Recommended)
  5. A few bags of Mountain House dried food
  6. Six bottles of water + one standard Nalgene full of water
  7. SwampRat M6 Knife (Check out this video of the M6 splitting wood)
  8. Leatherman Wave stored on an exterior pocket of my M6 sheath
  9. Fenix Flashlight and extra batteries
  10. Glock 19 (Here is one of my early videos discussing the Glock 19)
  11. 32 round 9mm Glock magazine (reloading during a firefight)
  12. Ruger Mark III + 100 rounds (Another Think Tank video discussing Mark III)
  13. Magazine for reading during particularly boring/lonely times
Items that I would have liked to have grabbed:
  1. Spoon
  2. Water filtration capability
  3. Binoculars
  4. Map
  5. Radio
  6. Small tent
  7. Lighter
  8. Hatchet
The main advantage that allowed me to actually meet my five minute time limit was the fact that I have all my gear sorted and in tubs with labels on the outside.  This is where I put my camping and overflow survival gear.  If it were not for the organization of my gear bugging out would have taken much longer.

Here is how it all went down:

Update: The YouTube Channel WorldBankofAmero decided to produce a video on the five minute bug-out


  1. Thanks for the GREAT info. You have helped me greatly in my own preparations, and have inspired me to get my own bug out bag filled out. Thanks RW.

  2. Great info, i would also bring some money may be it would not be that bad to have some silver coins as well. Thats for the first one..

    Thanks, will try it my self for fun.

  3. You provided some realy great information and advice. especially about the organization of your gear and what you would have liked to grab. Thank you.

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  5. I wouldn't be able to grab those in five minutes. It's a great idea to have the gear sorted out. I already have some of the gear listed (mattress, sleeping bag, flashlight) but I just have to sort them.

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  6. I think the prudent thing to do is bag-out the most essential items. Then I just have to make sure that will be able to grab that bug-out bag in the event of an emergency of any kind. Here is another resourceful post on BOB: