Bug-Out Bag New Year's Resolution with TheRoadWarri0r

A few months back after checking my bug-out bag I started getting this terrible feeling in the back of my head that I needed to pull it out of my truck and perform a thorough inspection of content.  After weeks of being lazy and saying, "I'll do it next weekend" I finally decided to make it my new year's resolution to get the major reorganization done and get the survival/preparedness monkey off my back.

Not all bug-out bags are the same.  My bag is not an all inclusive "live out of and survive bag" but it is part of a system of survival that when used together meets the requirement.  You may notice a few key items missing from the bag, why? Because I have those items in other logical locations.  Flashlight for instance.  One would think that you would keep that in your main bag.  That may be true for you.  I have one 3D cell LED MAGLITE in my truck for roadside and general use and I keep a Fenix TA-30 in my messenger (office/work/Every Day Carry or EDC) bag for emergency use because it's always with me.  I have a few Surefire lights, but believe it or not, Fenix lights give you the same bang for less money.

One other thing that is "missing" from the bag...Guns and ammunition!  Think about it.  Would you keep a firearm(s) in your car even if it were locked?  I don't keep my firearms anywhere they can get stolen and/or misused.  We must be responsible gun owners and secure our weapons.  They don't belong stored in a vehicle.  Long story short, yes you may notice things that are missing from the bag, but you are seeing only one aspect of my mobile survival triad:
  • Bugout Bag (what is covered in the video)
  • Vehicle Emergency Kit
  • Messenger Work Bag (EDC)
Here is the 10 minute video of how the bug-out bag reorganization went down:

In addition to the video, I took some still shots of everything so you can have a better idea of how the bag is organized, etc.

Main Storage (1)

As you can see above, things started out a little messy.  Take note of the yellow and green dry bags that I have used to store items in my main storage (1).  Purchasing colored dry bags makes it easier when organizing your gear.  I will be the first to tell you that being organized can be the difference between success and failure when surviving in any environment.  When in past military training, I was blindfolded and asked to locate all of the gear I was wearing.  This was a valuable learning technique on the importance of gear organization.  Although the purpose was not immediately clear at the time, I found out later the reasoning behind the training.  You may not always have use of your eyes in a survival situation.  Smoke, fumes and darkness may be there to hinder your access to gear.

Now, more on organization:

This Pack-Rat organizer really helps get things in order in your bag.  I highly recommend you acquire two or three in different colors.  It is kept in main storage (1).  Inside my Pack-Rat is:
  • 30 feet of paracord / 20 feet duct tape
  • Vaseline candle (2)
  • Titanium spork
  • Signal Mirror
  • Blast match
  • Hand warmers (2)
  • Chem lights (2)
  • SERE Reference book
  • Zip ties (3)
  • Snare Kit
  • Emergency cash
Also in main storage (1) are the following items:
  • Military Wool Blanket (keeps you warm even when wet, can be converted to poncho)
  • Military Rain poncho compressed in food saver bag near frame
  • Cooking pot w/ handle, Salt, 30ft paracord inside, held closed by big rubber band
  • Camelbak bladder, empty
  • Green Dry Bag - (5) Days of Dry Food, Katadyn Water Filter
  • Yellow Dry Bag - Main Medical Kit, 3 trash bags, N95 Mask
  • Clear Dry Bag - 3 skivvies, 3 pairs of socks, work gloves, spare pants
You can see how everything "fits like a glove" in main storage with the internal pack straps utilized (1):

In secondary storage (2):
  • Two bottles of water (watch my video to see why only two bottles)
  • Sterno fuel in ziplock bag (I choose sterno because it's not under pressure)
In small zipper storage (3):
  • Battery powered “chem” type light for signaling and tertiary lighting
In wearer's right storage (4):
  • 48oz Nalgene bottle
  • Back-up water purifier, MSR
  • Shot of Chivas scotch (only 12 years old...hey it's for emergencies)
In wearer's lower left storage (5):

In wearer's upper left storage (6):
  • Toilet Paper in foodsaver bag (on top for easy access)
  • Survival blanket
  • Insect net
  • Rubber gloves
  • Razor knife
  • Metal match
  • Metal saw
  • Forceps
  • Fishing kit
On the exterior of the bag tied to the small zipper with paracord is:
  • Small thermometer with compass
  • Storm whistle (to call for help if needed).  The best place for a whistle is somewhere easily accessible and somewhere you don't have to guess about.  I recommend having more than one in your bag.  They are cheap and light.
Lessons learned from last year:
  1. Don't store your batteries in your bag.  Keep them with your EDC office bag.  They will get messed up in the summer heat.
  2. Don't store your lighter in your bag.  Keep it with EDC bag.  Pressure + Heat = Bad
  3. Don't store your pressurized cooking fuel in your bag.  Use something like Sterno.  It's not under pressure and will not explode
I have replaced all hazardous/unsafe items in my bag with non-hazardous substitutes.  For items that had no viable replacement, I simply transferred them over to my EDC bag, i.e. batteries, lighter, etc.

I hope you have enjoyed your time spent here at SurvivalThinkTank.com and at TheRoadWarri0r YouTube Channel. I look forward to any and all comments and video responses.
-Stack it deep!


  1. Hey TRW,
    Love the videos, I also live in NoVa and see that your B.O.B. setup suits my situation perfectly.

    The one question I have is what kind of Katadyn water filter is it you have(and if u have tested it and what u would rate it). I agree water is by far the pound for pound heaviest thing u can carry, and I would be very appreciative if could add the details of the Katadyn.
    Thanks for all your info, STACK IT DEEP!

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