Shooting on the Cheap

Low on ca$h but still want to shoot?  Join the club. I know some great tips to save you some money at the shooting range.  Don't be one of those guys with the expensive guns but no money to buy ammo!  Buy cheap, stack deep! Use your own cheap index cards for targets. Don't be duped into buying police targets for $3.00 each.  Look at it this way, you are only shooting at your money.  If you are buying a target for that much money, just staple your $1.00 bills and shoot at them instead!

Just a few quick tips if you don't have time to watch the below video:

  1. Buy cheap ammo from places like Ammo Man. (Remember, you are spending money every time you pull the trigger, why spend more?)
  2. Don't buy expensive targets.  Things like paper plates, paper index cards, playing cards or anything else will work.  As stated, if you buy expensive targets you are only shooting at your money.
  3. Dry fire.  Don't forget to dry fire your weapon (unless it's a rimfire).  I dry fire my Glocks hundreds of times to get the feel for the trigger and to conduct holster drills.  I draw from the holster, acquire the target and dry fire.  This saves ammunition and money.
  4. Find a range with reasonable annual or monthly rates.  You save money by paying the range fees for the year and going once per week instead of paying a daily range fee.
  5. Don't purchase weapons that shoot expensive or hard to find ammunition.  The bulk of my shooting is 9mm or .22 LR (shooting the .22LR conversion kit on my AR).  This is the cheapest way to shoot.
  6. Reloading may not be feasible for you due to the complexity or the time, but it is always an option if you wish to realize deep discounts.

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