Celente Predicts Terror in 2010

Many of you follow Gerald Celente and his Trends Journal.  In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a paying subscriber to his product.  I find it a very good and informative read in the midst of the mainstream dribble being produced for public consumption.  The motto for Celente's Journal is simply to "Think for Yourself" and it promotes just that.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano actually had the nerve to say that there are "no indications that it is part of anything larger" when referring to the recent Christmas attack onboard Northwest Flight 253.  Most Americans on the street right now don't even remember it happening.  American's have the gift of positive thinking, i.e. everything is going to be just fine.  This attitude is what makes us unique and gives us the resilience to overcome hardships.  Unfortunately this attitude is also what could end up allowing future attacks to be successful.  Everything is not fine on the homefront a terrorist attack was attempted and were it not for the brave passengers, things could have turned out much worse for flight 253.

It was not the thousands of times that passengers took of their shoes for TSA that saved Flight 253.  It was not the forcing of hundreds to throw away their water bottles at the security checkpoint, or making a 70 year old woman discard her nail file.  It was simply the passengers doing what it took to save their lives, thousands of feet above ground Christmas Day.

In closing, I'd like to warn the readers of SurvivalThinkTank.com that I am with Mr. Celente on this one.  It looks like 2010 is calling for more economic decline with a side of terrorism.  Do what you can to prepare for the possibility of both where you are.

Happy New Year, TRW

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