Arrow Trucking - A Sign of Things to Come?

The Tulsa, OK based Arrow Trucking Company closed doors, stranding their drivers all over the United States, three days before Christmas.  The drivers were instructed via in cab message and voice recording to turn their rigs into the nearest dealers and await instructions on bus tickets home.

The troubled trucking company filed bankruptcy back in April.  Arrow is one of the major trucking companies in the US and you can bet that this is only the beginning of the shipping world's woes leading into 2010.  I would not be surprised if we saw more shipment companies fail in the coming months.  I wonder what the customers thought when they were informed that their loads were to be abandoned all over the United States?

There are some good videos on the subject being uploaded to YouTube.  The one I prefer to watch is from the YouTube channel DEMCAD, done by a man named Reginald from Flint, MI.  Here it is:

God Bless Arrow Truckers.  We will be thinking about you here at the STT in 2010.


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